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Industrial Grease
IPOL offers variety of greases including Lithium and Lithium complex based, suitable for all Industrial applications. The product portfolio consists of high temperature greases (IPOL High temperature Grease HT and BN), MOLYPLEX, MULTIPURPOSE and GRAPHITED greases. IPOL also manufactures wide range of tailor made greases for special industrial application.

Metal Working Oil: -

A wide range of neat oils of varying lubricity levels and viscosity are available (IPOL ST CUT, IPOL CUT, CUT EP) to suit the complexities and requirements of various machining and grinding processes for different types of metals. Specialized products are available for WIRE DRAWING, SPARK EROSION, ROLLING to meet the specific process requirements.

IPOL Soluble oils (AQUACUT, IPOL CUT) with good emulsion stability are suitable for machining different alloys and different water conditions.

IPOL are also manufacturing a broad range of BIO STABLE grades of cutting oil under the brand name IPOL BIOCUT.

IPOL also offers the entire range of normal, medium fast, fast and vacuum quenching oils (ENHANCO, QUENCHING OILD) with bright finish.

Both solvent and mineral oil based products (ANTIRUST) are available to suit the process demands and to meet the customer requirement of rust protection. Products with Dry film(ASDF) , Dewatering (ANTIRUST DW) and acid fume resistant (ANTIRUST CR) characteristics are widely accepted amongst the Indian industrial customers.
Industrial Oil
IPOL caters to a wide range of industrial lubricant requirements across the industries. The product line comprises of different types of greases, industrial oils and metal working products. The range also consists of products tailored to suit different techno-commercial requirements of a particular customer. IPOL products are widely accepted across a wide base of user industries such as automobile, engineering, steel, cement, sugar, machining etc. in India and Overseas.

IPOL CIRCULATING OILS (R&O, AW, HLP) are available in different ISO VG grades to suit different hydraulic systems. Other products includes IPOL GEAROL (industrial gear boxes) , textile machining oils (IPOL LOOM, IPOTEX and GINNING oils), IPOL SPINDLE oils for high speed textile machines, LUB oils of different viscosity grades for general machining, IPOL NON DRIP SPL oils. IPOL range also consists, both conventional (SUGAR LUB) and non-bituminous type (SUGAR LUB NB) of sugar mill bearing lubricants
Industrial Speciality Oil
IPOL products also cater to the niche customer requirements by delivering specialty ENHANCO grades. The specialties includes BIOCUT grades which are formulated to meet the customer expectations of a high end semi synthetic emulsifiable product. These specially designed products ensure a long sump life with a consistent performance to ensure a smooth run and overall cost savings for the customer. Other Specialty grades includes ENHANCO POLYMER QUENCH OIL, ENHANCO WIRE DRAW for different wire drawing applications, ENHANCO NC for non chlorinated heavy duty machining applications, ENHANCO CF for cold forging applications and SUPERGRIND products recommended for special grinding process. Specialized cleaners SUPERCLEAN are available for customers with a stringent cleaning requirements
Transformer Oil
IPOL Transformer Oils are manufactured using specially selected highly paraffinic or Naphthenic type base stocks to suite various types of national and International specification requirements. The state of the art manufacturing facilities for filtration, de-moisturizing and packaging of these ultra-clean oils keeps them free from any contamination and moisture. The product range includes specialties meeting IS 335-1993, IEC 60296 class specification as well.
Rubber Process Oil
Rubbers, both synthetic and natural are commercially used to produce products from rubber bands to a toy to the giant tyres for various vehicles including aircrafts.

Rubber Process Oils are used during mixing of rubber compounds. These help in improving the dispersion of fillers and flow characteristics of the compound during further processing. IPOL Rubber process oils are specially developed taking into consideration the type of rubber and the end product applications.

The range of IPOL Rubber Process Oils is broadly divided in following three catagories.

Aromatic types:

The primary characteristics of aromatic hydrocarbons are the presence of the double bonded mix ring carbon structure. Aromatic extracts procured from selected refineries and suitably blended to meet stringent specifications, are used for compounding batches to manufacture Tyres, calendared and moulded sheets, Tread rubber etc.

Naphthenic types :

Naphthenic are a class of hydrocarbons also referred to as ‘cycloparaffins’. Though their structure is similar to the aromatic ring, these are single bonded thus having a stable structure. Several such hydrocarbon rings may be linked indicating a variety of available grades. Their unique colour stability, solubility and good thermal stability makes them ideal for moulded articles, slippers, LPG tubes, floor tiles, etc.

Paraffinic types:

This class of hydrocarbons constitutes branched chain or straight linked hydrocarbon molecules of various viscosities. As the chain length increases, the viscosity increases and the rubber process oil becomes more viscous. They find extensive usage in EPDM, Butyl rubbers. IPOL grades include Paraffinic oils with high viscosity and high flash point for better shelf life of the end product. The high viscosity and high flash point IPOL paraffinic oils are extensively used in EPDM profiles for automotive applications.

In addition to these three types IPOL has a range of non carcinogenic low PCA (Polycyclic aromatics) oils meeting EU regulation. The range includes Mild extracted solvate (MES) type and Residual Aromatic Extract (RAE) type of oils. MES are blend of special heavy paraffinic oils while RAE are aromatic extracts. Both the types have Polycyclic aromatics content (as tested by IP 346 ) of less than 3% as required by EU regulation.