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Flat Belts - Power Transmission
Nitta’s PolyBelt product range is ideally suited for a wide range of textile applications applications. With strong extruded nylon (polyamide) carcasses and a wide variety of rubber covers, these belts offer the optimum mix of performance, shock load capability, longevity and ease of installation.

Power Transmission Belting
Nitta offers a wide array of power transmission products that have been divided into five categories: Polybelt, PolySprint, Aramid CF Series, Lesycon and Super Endless.

This technology features a rubber covered, nylon core used in power transmission, carrier belts and tapes. Poly belt is available in eight cover thicknesses and thirteen nylon strengths to meet your requirements for horsepower ratings, abrasion, wear resistance, and pulley diameters in a variety of applications.

Polybelt has been successful in a variety of industries such as textile, paper and box, poultry, flour, printing and tube winders, just to name a few.

Features: High strength pre-set nylon core; highly abrasion resistant; oil and chemical resistant rubber covers; superior resistance to flexing fatigue; anti-static properties.

Power Transmission Belts
LA-500 TFL-10SH
LA-750 TFL-15S
LA-1000 TFL-18S
TFL-7S MA-1500