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About Navkar Belting   Navkar Belting was established in 1985. Initially the company was purely a trading concern and would purchase locally to supply its predominantly end-user based customers with various engineering spares. Over the years the markets changed drastically and with this the need for additional products and brands became a necessity to service the requirements of a rapidly growing customer base.

This prompted Navkar Belting to start importing its own products to supplement its local agencies and distributorships that it had already acquired. And now today, the company boasts an impressive range of products for the industrial market in Western Part of India as well as other regions. Navkar Belting prides itself in combining quality of its products with competitive market-related prices and further enhances its reputation with exceptional levels of service.
  Industries we cover  
  Covering a wide spectrum of Industries such as Textile, Automotive, Ceramic, Steel, Cement, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Food, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Printing & Packaging, Ginning, our extensive product range enables us to service a wide range of customers, which include a host of Original machine manufacturers as well as numerous prestigious end users.  
  One of our strengths no doubt is in our sourcing abilities. Should the product you are searching for not form part of our standard stock or product range and also not readily available locally in India, we will endeavour to source this product for you from anywhere in the world. We will be able to quote you according to your desired lead time.

With regard to our standard service levels to our customers locally, we offer 24Hrs service, 365 days a year. We are not negotiable on this at all, as it is our way of rewarding our customers for their unquestionable loyalty.
  Products & Suppliers  
  We have a wide range of products include power transmission, timing or conveying application ranging from Vee Belts, timing belts, flat belts and conveyor belts. These products are imported from world leaders such as Mitsuboshi (MBL) and Nitta of Japan, and Megadyne of Italy, PU Discs (Hokushin) for texturizing machines, cots & aprons for spinning machines (MSB-Kureha), Rubber Strips (Kureha) Our product also include all types of Bearing and Bearing Unit, Industrial Chain, Timing Pulley, & all types of Lubricants  
  Our Vision  
  To be a most admired organization in Power Transmission, Lubricants & Bearing industry that enhances the quality of life of all industrial and business development.